Ohhhhh Mr. Bleary Eyes... Wakey Wakey

This is for those of you who truely appreciate waking up at four a.m. and getting those workouts in. For those of you who find your time at other parts of the day... hey I love you just the same! Finding (more like making) the time to improve your athleticism and endurance can be tough but always rewarding. These are my stories, this is how I live my life. I hope you will enjoy and appreciate them and get an occasional chuckle or two.
Run Strong, Run Often,

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pre Spring Frustrations

What a booger this time of the year can be. The weather is turning nicer and nicer each and every day but I am getting so burned out from all the snow. I admit I have been really quite lax lately with my running, however I have picked up on lifting weights and cycling (I recently turned my home into a gym... not winning brownie points with some family members on that one). Check out this pic form the 14th of April. I mean come on man how much more of this?
Usually by Mothers day most of the area trails are at least runnable. I don't mind the slushy or sloshy muddy conditions but I do want to at least call it a run and not a slog. Maybe I should just be happy and run more on the roadways, but geez that so lame. I already conceded earlier this year and bought a treadmill for managing my time better. I admit that has been a useful tool both in getting the distance in and it certainly is one helluva pacer :-) An emotionless and brutal pacer at that!!!

Well when it snows and you already have BBQ planned do you give up and head inside? Heck no! I may be frustrated with the weather but it will never completely take everything out of me. I know the sun will prevail and the trees will green up and soon I will be able to run all the way up and over to Bomber Glacier or trails of the similar. In the meantime you will find me setting up on the roadside grillin n chillin, smiling and waiting for the summer to roll in.